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⁠Fruit Enthusiast Tepache Starter Pack - 6 Bottles

⁠Fruit Enthusiast Tepache Starter Pack - 6 Bottles

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⁠Indulge your taste buds with our Fruit Enthusiast Tepache Starter Pack, specially crafted for those who cherish the vibrant taste of fruits. This assortment features all our signature fruit-inspired flavours, allowing you to savor the essence of various fruits in our refreshing tepache. Dive into a world of fruity delights and experience the joy of tasting each unique flavour in one convenient pack!


1 x Passionfruit Lemon

1 x Cranberry Rosemary

1 x Soursop Basil

1 x Dragonfruit Mint

1 x Vita C

1 x Detox Green

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What makes TepTep Tepache stand out from the crowd?

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