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  • What Is TepTep?
 TepTep is the first and only Tepache brand in Malaysia. We adopt twice the typical ingredients per percentage point brewed. We use only MD2 pineapples in our Tepache-making and 100% natural premium ingredients for flavouring. We emphasize the practice of sustainability for the curation of bottle-licking good Tepache from farm to bottle.


  • What is Tepache? 
Tepache is a traditional Mexican fermented drink made from pineapples, spices, and brown sugar. We use only premium natural ingredients to create delicious Tepache that not only tastes good but also makes you feel good because of its crazy health benefits! 

  • How is TepTep Tepache made?

TepTep Tepache is made by using MD2 pineapples, organic cane sugar, spices such as cinnamon and cloves, and water in a large container allowing it to ferment for several days.


  • Does Tepache contain alcohol? 

Yes, Tepache has a tentatively low alcohol content due to its natural fermentation process. However TepTep Tepache is controlled within Halal threshold which is below 0.5% ABV for the alcohol content. We are in the process of obtaining Halal certification for TepTep.


  • How does Tepache taste? 
Tepache is super fruity and delicious. It is surprisingly thirst-quenching hence it is very refreshing to drink. It has a unique flavour profile, with notes of natural sweetness, tanginess, and spiciness due to its natural ingredients and fermentation process. Wildly enjoyed during hot summer days, Tepache is often described as fruity, effervescent and super tasty!

  • Is Tepache really that healthy?
Tepache is considered one of the healthiest probiotic drinks as it contains beneficial bacteria which are living probiotics for your gut health maintenance. It is immensely rich in vitamin C and antioxidants from pineapples and TepTep uses only the 'MD2' variety, the sweetest premium pineapples for its Tepache production. The fermentation process boosts the vitamin content of Tepache, so it offers more nutritional benefits than just eating a ripe pineapple. Additionally, TepTep offers a variety of flavour options using only natural fruits, spices and plants to double the health benefits in just one bottle of Tepache! 

  • How should Tepache be served?

Best served chilled or over ice, and is often garnished with fresh fruit or herbs. It can also be used as a mixer in cocktails, mocktails and lemonade.


  • Does TepTep Tepache go bad and how long does it last?

You can keep each bottle of TepTep Tepache for up to 3 months in the fridge according to speculated expiry date. TepTep Tepache is unpasteurized so the fermentation will continue very rather slowly even after it is bottled and refrigerated. However, keeping it in the fridge will slow down the fermentation and preserve the taste. Towards the end of 3 months, please expect the drink to be less sweet and more sour and it is normal. Nonetheless it is still good for consumption.


  • How often should you drink TepTep Tepache?

We recommend 1-2 bottles a day to help maintain your gut health. If you are new to TepTep Tepache, we strongly recommend you to try out the TepTep Tepache Starter Pack which comes with 6 bottles, and see how your body reacts to it. After adapting to healthy Tepache consumption, you can start joining TepTep Tepache Probiotic &  Vitamin C Adventure! But keep the other options an eye on because we believe you are going to want more very soon! 


  • How is Tepache different from kombucha?

While both are fermented drinks, Tepache is made from pineapples while kombucha is made from tea. Additionally, Tepache has a more fruity and naturally sweet taste compared to the tangy and slightly vinegary taste of kombucha. Kombucha contains caffeine whereas Tepache does not. Furthermore, Tepache is super rich in Vitamin C in comparison to Kombucha, especially the adopted recipe that uses only 'MD2' pineapples that contain four times the Vitamin C content compared to other pineapples.


  • How many Tepache flavours are available for now?

We have a total of 10 flavours available for sale on our website now:

  • Original 
  • Americano
  • Passionfruit Lemon
  • Butterfly Pea Calamansi
  • Sakura Rose Roselle
  • Cranberry Rosemary
  • Soursop Basil 
  • Dragonfruit Mint    
  • Vita C 
  • Detox Green 


    More exciting flavours are coming soon! Stay tuned!