About Us






Dear readers,

I am thrilled to share the story behind TepTep - a deeply personal story and close to my heart. From law to entrepreneurship, I hold on to the belief that perseverance, passion, and dedication are the three key factors in building a brand. TepTep, a whole new innovative F&B business venture was inspired by my very personal experience. 



I hope my story can truly bring inspiration to those who have dreams. TepTep slogan “GUT TO GUTS” resonates with my personal entrepreneurship journey. It is a message to everyone that no matter how hard you strive and how difficult it gets in life, “do not be afraid to chase your dreams, but always remember health is a priority.” The translation goes by health begins in your “GUT”, and be bold enough meaning to say to have “GUTS” to chase your dream. Every achievement begins with a single step and to embark on something adventurous, make sure that you stay in good shape. This is crucially important as both physically and mentally prepared is the key to ensuring a fulfilling journey and successful outcome.



Wildly enjoyed during hot summer days to quench thirst, Tepache is a traditional Mexican fermented drink made using pineapple peels and rinds. During my H.pylori infection period, I was fortunate to have discovered Tepache and realized how crazily healthy this drink could be. As a coffee addict, I often lose appetite for other drinks but my life changed entirely when I began brewing Tepache as my favourite pastime. I benefit so much from drinking Tepache daily and my newfound love grew stronger when I experimented handcrafting Tepache with different fresh fruits and botanicals that I handpick from the farmer’s market. Tepache is my life savior, it helps to combat my H.pylori infection, soothes my bloated stomach, and boosts my mood so that I can cease my coffee addiction. This personal experience of entering into a healthier path immediately sparked my passion and ambition as an entrepreneur, leading me to delve into the history and health benefits of Tepache. 



TepTep Tepache is more than just a drink. It is dedicated to connecting you to a healthier path and the pursuit of your dreams boldly once in a lifetime. Our drinks are designed to bring health and dreams together - a perfect match! Join me on this healthier path and discover the magic of TepTep for yourself! 



JL Tan (Founder)