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Dragonfruit Mint Tepache

Dragonfruit Mint Tepache

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Flavoursome, Cooling & Satisfying


The dragon fruit brings a subtly sweet and slightly tangy flavour that is perfectly balanced by the zesty Tepache. The addition of fresh mint leaves adds an extra cooling and refreshing effect to the drink.

10.14 fl oz | 300 mL | zero sugar

3 flavours in one bottle | High-fiber | Gut Health | Immunity

'MD2' Pineapple
Contains four-times Vitamin C content and beneficial compounds, such as minerals, manganese, and enzymes, to help aid digestion. Known to boost immunity, lower cancer risk, and improve recovery time after surgery. 

Dragon Fruit
Low in calories, packed full of fiber, and is delicious making it a great weight loss-friendly food. It's also full of vitamin C to keep you feeling your best. It encourages the growth of the probiotics lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. In your gut, these and other helpful bacteria can kill disease-causing viruses and bacteria. They also help digest food. It can strengthen your immune system.

Mint Leaf
Mint leaves pack a punch of essential nutrients vital for overall health. Rich in Vitamin A, crucial for maintaining good vision, and Vitamin C, an immune-boosting antioxidant, mint also offers a significant dose of iron, manganese, and folate, supporting various metabolic functions and cell growth.

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