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⁠Diversified Tepache Fun Pack - 12 Bottles

⁠Diversified Tepache Fun Pack - 12 Bottles

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Tepache, with its tangy flavour and probiotic benefits, will definitely add a unique twist to your party! We put together a variety of interesting flavours to ensures there is something for everyone's taste buds. Plus, promoting gut health while having fun is a win-win! 



2 x Original

2 x Americano

1 x Passionfruit Lemon

1 x Butterfly Pea Calamansi

1 x Sakura Rose Roselle

1 x Cranberry Rosemary

1 x Soursop Basil

1 x Dragonfruit Mint

1 x Vita C

1 x Detox Green

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What makes TepTep Tepache stand out from the crowd?

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